How to write an abstract?

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An abstract is an exposition in written form of information from various literary sources (books, articles, scientific collections, etc.) that reveal a given topic. Objectives of the essay: – training in self-education skills; – development of the ability to formulate a specific topic, set a goal for its disclosure, and develop methods for scientific research; – mastering the methods of search, analysis, processing and systematization of information on a given topic; – raising the level of intellectual development. Types of abstracts 1. Classification aims to generalize the material studied to accelerate it. 2. Cognitive allows you to study theoretical material that is not part of the curriculum, as well as learn how to apply the knowledge to solve problems from the main program. 3. The research aims to solve a number of problems buy a research paper in the course of a small independent scientific investigation. It is a preparatory stage before writing a course. The abstract consists of: – the title page, – the introduction, – the main part, – the conclusion, – the content, – the list of sources. Stages of writing an essay 1. Choosing a topic. It should be noted that it should be interesting to the author and be relevant. Well, if the topic contains a contradiction, thanks to this, it will be easy to build on the narrative. 2. Find literary sources that reflect the essence of the problem in the topic. Make a list of literature. 3. To get acquainted with the point of view of various scientists, write out quotations from books and articles. It is important to use for the presentation of thoughts only those words that you understand. The meaning of incomprehensible terms must be specified in the dictionary or reference book. Thus, you not only understand the topic deeper, but also replenish your vocabulary. 4. Draft the draft work. 5. Draw up a plan. 6. Approve the preliminary version of the teacher. 7. Write the final version of the work. It is worth noting that in case you have difficulties on the way of writing a scientific paper, you can easily ask for help in writing an essay, course or diploma to order. Abstract language Remember that the language of presentation of the material should be simple and understandable. Do not get carried away with terminology. All verbs are written in the form of a second person of the plural: we think, we believe, etc. Speech cliches are allowed: “It is worth noting”, “It is important to emphasize”, “Based on the above, it can be concluded that …” and etc. The language of the work creates an impression of the general level of the author’s culture, so spare no time to refine it.

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