Get Your Thanksgiving Day Tool Kit Ready Starting Now

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ThankgivingDinner1The last thing you want to have to do on Thanksgiving day is run to the store looking for cooking equipment. Now is the time to inventory your kitchen batterie and see what you are missing or what needs to be replaced or improved.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the essentials you’ll probably need for most Thanksgiving menus.

Roasting pan and rack: Forget about that old granitewear covered roaster you inherited from your grandmother.  That will steam the turkey, not roast it. What you want is a heavy metal pan with no cover and relatively low sides that will let the hot air circulate around the bird to brown it. Even better if it has a rack to rest the bird on, elevating it above the rendered pan juices and improving the circulation even more. Choose a pan that’s not non-stick and you’ll get better browned bits for the gravy….

Instant-read thermometer: The Thanksgiving table is no place to discover that your best guess as to whether the turkey was done was wrong. Instant-read thermometers come in a variety of formats, ranging from the simple dial version up to remote timer/thermometers that let you track the temperature of the bird without opening the oven. There’s even a thermometer that connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth so you can track the temperature minute by minute while you’re texting……Read More

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