PHOTOS: CMH FASHION WEEK Tops CCAD -Now Cities Best Fashion Event

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Columbus, Ohio.. Story By Michael Goins. For several years now, the best fashion event in the city of Columbus was The College Of Art And Design’s fashion show, and it still is, from a pure designer standpoint. The CCAD fashion designers, I will say, put together some fantastic designs. That is saying a lot considering the designers are college age students still trying to determine where they fit in life. More so than not, the innocence of youth probably has a lot to do with their fantastic designs. With youth brings the elusion of no boundaries and not being responsible for earning a living. You can design based on what you like, instead of what makes money. By the time you get to CMH FashionWeek level, marketability is a big part of the picture. You have to have some idea as to what sells. Last night at Genoa Park, under the tent, CMHFashionWeek designers put together an ironclad portfolio of designs that I think will sell.


Now, back to this articles headliner, CMHFashionWeek Tops CCAD… What gave CMH the advantage this year over CCAD was two really important markers. First, the models comparison isn’t even close. CMH models are experienced pros. Models like Akilah West give CMH and advantage CCAD can’t compete with within their current format of using student models. It doesn’t end there. The production of the CMH fashion show was the best I’ve seen, period. The HD video bios of the designers that ran just before their models hit the runway was classic. Expertly done, not too long, and really provided a connection to the designers. I felt like I knew something about the designers that made me care. I’ve not seen that done in the Columbus area and it gave the feel that you knew you where part of something big.

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Don’t get me wrong, CCAD’s fashion show is fantastic and has been the cities winner and standard bearer year after year, but not this year. If you want to get an idea as to what a CCAD fashion show looks like, click here.  CCAD’s stage environment is too dark and I have always said that. With a polished floor gleaming off the lights, the CMH runway was a brilliant backdrop and gave you the feel of New York. The runway music was creative and included a lot of rap. Wait a minute before you throw that nose up in the air. The audience for this show was just as full of “grown and sexy” types as that of CCAD. The only difference was, at this show, there was a lot of singing along and head moving back and forth, etc. Brace yourselves, but I even saw a couple of outdated hi-fives. Now, to be sure, a lot of that comes with the more diverse crowd at CMH. There is diversity at CCAD for sure, but not at the level of CMH. At CCAD, you’re not going to see bowties unless E. Gordon Gee is in the house. You also aren’t going to see skinny jeans or brilliant colors on the men, as you do at CMH. To be sure, I saw just as many cars of the Mercedes Benz and BMW variety at CMH as I saw at CCAD. It’s the old money vs new money thing… You would see Bill Gates, Morgan Freeman and Steve Forbes at CCAD. You would see Mark Zuckerburg, Jay Z and Dennis Rodman at CMH.

May I rant for just a moment. Guys, please stop it with the skinny jeans… They make you look skinny. Who wants to look skinny. This is not a sexual issue for me. It is a skinny issue.

Ok, let’s get back on track. If there is one knock on the CMH, it is that I don’t think they take the media experience into consideration. That could be indicative of not having the attention of that of CCAD. There is absolutely no room for photographers to practice their craft. CCAD has and entire area for photographers that is prime at various locations around the stage.  I think CMH will figure this out in time. CMH also hasn’t figured out there needs to be an intermission at some point in the festivities to allow a beer run. Twenty minutes is plenty and think about that extra bar income they’ll make.

So the nuts and bolts are this. If you’re young, hip, urban, professionally cool, socially active, have a facebook page, have a twitter account, have an instagram account, wear skinny jeans, hang out with guys that wear skinny jeans, wish you were skinny enough to wear skinny jeans,  have a skinny jacket to go with your skinny jeans, or date a guy that wears skinny jeans, you’re probably gonna love the CMH. If you’re the opposite of those things, CCAD is probably going to be you hangout.

Both fashion shows do the city of Columbus proud and I am curious to know what CCAD does differently next year, now that CMH has squarely inserted itself as a serious contender to the throne.

So in the end, Angela An finally tops Andrea Cambern. Cambern leads the overall series, but Angela An is trending in the right direction.

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