New “Bling” Look $100 Bill Out Today

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After production problems and delays, the Federal Reserve will finally circulate a new $100 bill on Tuesday. The aim of the redesigned bank note is to make it harder to fake: For example, when you tilt the note, the bells and numbers inside a 3-D security stripe will move, and a bell hidden inside the gold inkwell will change color.


Although the proportion of fake money in circulation is minuscule, the Federal Reserve needs to do whatever it can to make the job hard for counterfeiters, says Ed Nosal, who studied counterfeiting using economic models and is now the vice president and senior research advisor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. He points out that without constant improvement on banknote designs, there would be a lot more fake money being made and there wouldn’t be any point to having real money…. Read More

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  1. coupons September 17, 2016 at 12:27 pm

    oi Vanessa pode calcular 1 xícara para cada 3 pessoas…

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