Trump Loses Showdown With Jordache Jeans Over Versace Mansion

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After sitting on the sale block for more than a year, Miami’s famed Versace Mansion has finally found a new buyer. The Ocean Drive estate, officially dubbed Casa Casuarina, fetched $41.5 million at auction on Tuesday.


The mansion, once owned by fashion designer Gianni Versace, had been shopped around to both wealthy house hunters and commercial real estate investors, offering buyers the option to use it as either a single-family residence or as a commercial venue. Representatives of the property expected it to dash sales records at auction, surpassing the record $47 million a rich Russian splashed out in 2012 for Miami’s most expensive home.

At $41.5 million, the sale may be considered a bit disappointing: afterall, it represents a 67% discount off of the lofty $125 million.. Read More


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