EX-Buckeye Sullinger Catches Domestic Violence Charge

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Boston Celtics forward Jared Sullinger repeatedly pinned his girlfriend to a bed and to the floor and snatched her cellphone when she told him she was going to call police during a heated argument inside Sullinger’s townhome here on Saturday, authorities alleged today.


Sullinger’s defense attorney, Charles Rankin, said in court that Sullinger and Smith were “long-time sweethearts’’ who met while both were attending Ohio State University. He told the judge that Smith waited 10 hours before she called Waltham police for help on Saturday.

He also said that on Saturday, Sullinger flew back to his hometown of Columbus, Ohio, for a pre-planned visit with his parents. Once he learned from Waltham police that they had a warrant for his arrest, Rankin said, Sullinger voluntarily returned to Boston where he surrendered to police today without incident.

Sullinger said in a statement, “The experience was humbling and embarrassing for me…. Read More



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