“Our Goal Is To Compete For Championships” Says Meyer At OSU Media Day

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Columbus, Ohio.. Story By Michael Goins.. Three weeks and counting down to the official start of the 2013 OSU football campaign. The home opener seems to be coming faster each day along with the anticipation. Today’s media day brought some insight as to what we can expect from this team, at least, early in the season. First “quarterback Braxton Miller is “Mechanically” further ahead than was first expected”, said Meyer. Now that the Buckeyes are in full pads, there is a clear ability to get a real feel for what Miller has accomplished in the off season. Meyer’s feeling echo many in that Miller used the offseason to really close the gap on some insufficiencies.

“Our goal is to compete for championships” said Meyer. A bold statement for a coach entering only his second season in buckeye uniform, and to some degree, still sidelined with players from the Tressel era. One thing is clear, Ohio State is eligible to play for two championships this year. The first one being The Big Ten Championship and the other, The National Championship. After last season’s undefeated campaign, the first of those Championships better be a lock, if you ask most buckeye fans. It’s that second one I mentioned, that will leave many wondering about.

There’s no question that for Ohio State to get there, They will have to finish the season undefeated. With this years schedule expected to be under major scrutiny by the major media, any loss will derail any championship talk.

Professionalism was a term Meyer threw out today, especially in reference to what coach Mike Vrabel brings to this team. Vrabel told me that yes, professionalism is an important part of what he is trying to instill in the players, but professionalism, although important, is not the only thing. “You’ve got to have a fundamental approach to the learning process”, said Vrabel

Defensive coordinator and linebackers coach Luke Fickell and running backs coach Stan Drayton agreed. “I grew up old school” said Drayton, “before the days of social media”. “As it relates to professionalism, it extends to that environment”. “There are expectations surrounding behavior”, said Drayton. “Players have to understand that their words carry weight”

Two things Meyer said today that really caught my attention. The first was centered on his philosophy that this team is not going to redshirt any player just to extend that players availability into a fifth season. “If you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough”, said Meyer.

The other thing we already know, and that surrounds Ohio State running backs. In fact OSU has so many running backs, Meyer couldn’t name them all. Jordan Hall, pictured above, told me he knows the competition is stiff. “Everytime time I take to the field, I know I’ve  got to do something special to separate myself” said Hall. With emerging star Dontre Wilson and Carlos Hyde in the mix, Hall knows it will be tough to get playing time this year without that separation

“The next couple of weeks will determine our success or failure”, said Meyer. With opening day fast approaching, we’ll see what this time brings… Stay tuned…

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