Urban Meyer “Who’s Going To Play” Paints Unclear Picture For Starting Lineup

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Three days into the 2013 fall practice season doesn’t do a lot to weed out the good from the not-so good in the world of Ohio State football. We assume that most all of these 3-5 start recruits are good, the question is, who is the best. Coach Meyer ponders that question and tells the media it is a process. The only clear decision that has been made is that Braxton Miller is the starting quarterback

Coach Meyers first session in front of the media this season, brought out close to 50 members including all the local television, radio and web entities. I think I even saw a microphone in the mix from “Sunny” 95.

We want to know “who’s gonna’ go hard” say’s Meyer. “

“All our work up until scrimmage No. 1 (Aug. 10) is [looking at] everybody…scholarship, non-scholarship, freshman and non-freshman and then after that we go win a game. All our focus then will be on game planning. The focus right now is I want to see who will go really hard.” Pretty clear statement of direction if you ask me, about a coach painting a clear picture of where he thinks this team is. We’ll have more as fall camp unfolds..

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