2nd Ranked Ohio State Moves Past The Drama -Reports To Camp

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Since the last time the Ohio State Buckeyes were on the field, a lot of time and drama has passed. From Gorden Gee and “The Little Sisters Of the Poor” Version 2, possibly leading to his early retirement,  to conversations surrounding Urban Meyer and Aaron Hernandez, to the “Oh No He Didn’t” drama surrounding Carlos Hyde’s reported fisticuffs drama surrounding  a young lady at a bar, to Bradley Roby and the Bouncer, The Ohio State Buckeyes are finally ready for football.

At 8:45AM this morning, members of the Ohio State Freshman class took to the field, followed by the varsity, amidst a full day of fall camp activities that set the stage for a possible showdown with the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship game.

The media was given a 30 minute window this morning to make a quick assessment about the future and what it could possibly hold for this years Buckeye class. Ranked #2 in the pre-season polls, this year is filled with anticipation because the buckeyes have a legitimate chance of winning it all.

There is not much doubt in the minds of many here in Ohio that Ohio State will make its first trip to the Big Ten Championship and play in the National Championship. A resurging Nebraska along with the now dangerous Michigan Wolverines may not be enough to stop the undefeated buckeyes from a year ago. This team is undefeated under Meyer and that could be a mantel for the buckeyes to use for motivation to cap off another 12-0 regular season. Stay tuned, but for right now, Ohio State football is back, and if this morning’s conversation’s was any indication of what’s expected, this season could be one for the ages

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