Sistas And Tattoos -Black Women Losing The Feminine Battle?

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Story By Tash Beni… I went online looking up pics of Black women with tats cuz I have tats and I like to see good pics of girls with tats and there aren’t that many of Black women, or any women of color really. Well there I was surfing the internet when I came across this on Brown Sista:

Keyshia Cole All Tattoo-ed Up Sistas and tattoos- where do I start? Much like 10 inch nails and purple hair- tattoos are the newest thing sistas have decided to overdo. I swear we as a people are like peacocks- we like to be seen.We are flashy and don’t get me wrong this can sometimes be a good thing. However when overdone we often end up looking like fools and such is the case with sistas and their multiple tattoos. I remember back in the day when all women had the same tattoo- a delicate little rose on the ankle. That was back when ladies wanted to be a little edgy, a little sexy, but still feminine. Well the times sure are a changin’- but for sista’s mostly. Black women can now be seen sportin’ tattoos on their breasts, thighs, arms, and even their necks. What kind of woman gets a tattoo on her neck?
I am sure this is all for attention sake and that is the sad part. How sad is it that as women so many of us feel the only way we can get attention is to have outrageous markings all over our bodies and in areas we shouldn’t be showing off in the first place.
Sad to say, but sistas are slowly losing the feminine battle. Between the tattoos, outrageous hair, loud dispositions and 10 inch nails, we seem less like women and more like cartoon characters. Search Brown Sista for more: Nailed, Tattoo

…it looks so damn tacky! Not lady like or attractive. There’s nothing wrong with a tattoo on the small of your back, maybe your ankle something sexy you know. But all that big outrageous stuff is a mess!’ … Read More

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