Gentlemen’s Club For Downtown Columbus? -Odds Are Good

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Columbus, Ohio…. Story By Michael Goins…  Not too long ago, the city of Columbus was in heavy debate with local citizens about the dangers of having a gambling casino in the downtown area. The arguments against were pretty predictable. A casino would attract the wrong elements, a casino in the downtown would create a general atmosphere of corruption, you’ve heard it before, right.


It must be something about the fresh air in the downtown area, but another of those “red light district” business opportunities has revealed itself to city leaders. This time the opportunity is in the form of a strip club, ahem’, “clearing my throat”…. Gentlemen’s Club, in the downtown.

Seems like that so-called undesirable element is determined to get a foothold in the downtown and this time, the bets are good they may just succeed. the Columbus dispatch is reporting that the Columbus Downtown Commission is hearing arguments from Charles Fischer and Tiffany Ranalli who want to open what Fischer is calling a “gentlemen’s club” just north of Spring Street in the Downtown’s Warehouse District, in a site that was once a gay club. Many know of the area because of the once popular Club Icon. The proposed owners state all dancers would wear pasties and G-strings or bikini bottoms. None of the dancers would be allowed to wear eyeglasses, lol….

The Columbus Dispatch has the full story

Also, what is the difference between a Strip Club and a Gentlemen’s Club… First of all, and this is the most important difference, the girls are hotter at  a gentlemen’s club. Not only are they hotter, but they’re also classier.  Sometimes it’s the difference between a Playboy model and a truck stop  prostitute. The women at these clubs can be not only sexy, but so classy and  attractive that you’ll want to come back and see them over and over again. If  you’ve got a few beers in you, it might even be love… Read More

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