Ross Forcing Deshaun Thomas Hand? -OSU Star Enters NBA Draft

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Columbus, Ohio… Story By Michael Goins….Update. Deshaun Thomas makes decision. Will forego senior season and enter NBA draft. From Thomas: “My three years at Ohio State have been the best years of my life,” Thomas said.  “I have grown tremendously as an individual and as a basketball player.  I intend to return to finish my degree, but I believe that now is the best opportunity to pursue my dream and begin my career as a professional basketball player.  I will always be a Buckeye and am blessed to be a part of the Ohio State University family.” Thomas is projected as a second round draft pick….

For Deshaun Thomas, life’s coming at him fast. This gifted athlete from Ft. Wayne, Indiana tagged Mr. Basketball, with the silky smooth jumpshot, has some important decisions to make over the next couple of weeks. Hardly seems fare that a young man would have to decide such decisions with nothing more than a hunch to go. What hunch am I talking about? Well, the rules are pretty clear. Neither Thomas nor his family can have any contact with any NBA teams concerning his draft status during the NBA pre-draft period. If you go by the rules, Only Thad Matta can ask, on Thomas’s behalf. With such restrictions in place, how is a player to know what is best in these scenarios.

Thomas only has the reports and predictions of people like myself, to give him keys as to where hey could fall in this years draft.  Many at the top predict the junior small forward to end up as an early second rounder. If that comes true, Thomas could end up with a contract that would net him about $500,000 next year. If he slips to late in the second round, all bets are off and he may end up in Europe. None of the top NBA draft pundents are showing Thomas getting drafted in the first round. That would net him a guaranteed contract in the millions. If that happens, it’s game, set and match, he’s rich. There is where the gamble begins.

What’s at stake? First, Thomas is a family man with a young child to support. Secondly, if he comes back next year to play ball at Ohio State, many, including me, don’t think his draft stock will improve. Thomas is a small-forward, and in the NBA, that spells doom. The small-forward position in the NBA is the most athletic on the floor and your game has to be on point. Remember, James Worthy, Dominique Wilkins, Scottie Pippen, and Julius Erving. Yep, you guessed it, they’re small forwards. Oh, I forgot to mention Lebron James. Think Thomas is ready for that?


Still, for Thomas to come back to Ohio State next year, one has to ask the question. Will there be room for him on next year’s team? Not a bad question when you ask yourself, Isn’t next year going to be LaQuinton Ross’s team. Having asked the question, there may not be any room for a senior small forward to shine on next years team. In my opinion, Thomas’s NBA stock can only decrease, because, if he applies himself in the offseason, Ross is going to dominate the Buckeye airwaves next year. If he doesn’t, it will be one of the biggest missed opportunities of all time. Ross’s rise to the top, could be forcing Thomas out.

If you are coach Matta, do you really want two superstars on next years team. Could that be too much drama to deal with. Time will tell. in the mean time, here are the key dates for Deshaun Thomas to make his decisions


April 10: NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee Application Deadline
April 15: NBA Undergraduate Advisory Committee Response Deadline
April 16: NCAA Early Entry “Withdrawal” Deadline
April 28: NBA Draft Early Entry Eligibility Deadline (11:59 pm ET)
May 2: NBA Draft Early Entry Candidates Released – Underclassmen Contact Permitted
May 15-19: NBA Draft Combine (Chicago)
May 21: NBA Draft Lottery June 17: NBA Draft Early Entry Withdrawal Deadline (5:00 pm ET)
June 27: 2013 NBA Draft


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