OSU Extreme Photos -Kenny Guiton -Cool Hand Luke Against Boilermakers

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Columbus Ohio.. Story By Michael Goins….  If you’ve ever seen the movie ‘Cool Hand Luke’ with Paul Newman, you know that his claim to fame was playing his role, just waiting for any opportunity to make his move.

In the fashion of Luke himself, Guiton has done the dutiful job of being a role player on the sidelines for OSU this year. There he is week after week, on the sidelines, signaling plays, mentoring freshman, you know, all that good stuff, that’s expected when you’re on the sidelines. This past weekend however, ala Paul Newman, Guiton made his move at Ohio Stadium in front of a disbelieving crowd.

Coach Urban Meyer had been saying all year, that this Guiton kid was the real deal…. Of course Meyer would say that, right. No one would ever believe him though, right. That’s what he’s supposed to say. Well, Meyer got a chance to deliver on that promise against Purdue.

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There was Guiton, with all of his, let’s say 12 snaps of the ball this year, behind him. All that stood between him and glory on this day was 47 little ol’ seconds and 61 yards straight uphill. It took seven plays but there was Guiton, standing on top of the hill, waiting to accept the crown.


For, with all the talk of another Heisman gracing the campus of “The” Ohio State University, it was Kenny Guiton, on this day, that was the talk of the town. Check out all the photos on our “Extreme” Photo Gallery…

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