Photos -CMH Fashion Week Columbus 2012 Outperforms At The Hilton Grand Opening

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Columbus Ohio -Story by Michael Goins.. How can you beat the combination of a world class hotel brand and a runway show that continues to impress, in the process of creating its own brand. To put it simply, in Columbus, you can’t. Hilton Hotels and Resorts opened last night with 532 rooms ready and awaiting to takes its place in the downtonw landscape.

Last night, however, only one room, was on the minds of most that made this spot their destination. That room, on the lower level, was home to the 2012 version of CMH Fashion Week’s runway fashion show. More than 10 local designers showcased their designs last night to a crowd waiting to be impressed. Story continues below…

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Hosted by WBNS anchor Angela An and special guest Mayor Michael B. Coleman, the show was one hour of what is making Columbus a mecca for fashion. “How do you like this hotel I built for you” said Mayor Coleman, to the delight of the audience. Here’s the roll call of designers:

1. Genoveva Christoff
2. Quintessa Ezell
3 Erica Dawn Woodmore
4. Josie Wills
5. Gary Jones
6. Makayla Cook/Olivia Vanscoyoc
7. Shann Cortes
8. Shirley Weng
9. Ryan Richmond
10. Eugene Frimpong

Many of Columbus All-star models were walking this runway including crowd favorite Akilah West. Many have rated Miss West the best runway walker in Columbus and maybe one of the top ten in the country.

New York quality is what most local fashion shows in Columbus aim for, but not many reach that plateau. The CMH fashion show continues to compete with The Columbus College Of Art And Design’s yearly soirée as one of the years best in the Cbus. For the CCAD fashion show photos click here.. Either way, Thomas McClure and the rest of the CMH Fashion Week board of directors have got a winner on their hands.

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