Low US Ratings -Low US Appeal -CNN Sinks -What’s Wrong

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CNN, the founder of the cable news genre, is now registering its lowest ratings  since the first Gulf War. In the second quarter of 2012, the network attracted  fewer viewers than at any time in the past 21 years, it was reported Tuesday. An  average of 446,000 people now watch CNN’s primetime programming while a mere  319,000 watch its daytime programming — declines from 2011 that are at least  twice as severe as those suffered at Fox News and MSNBC..

In April, as Republicans were throwing  their weight behind Mitt Romney and the lengthy, combative presidential primary  process was drawing to a close, CNN’s senior vice president and Washington  bureau chief Sam Feist presented his staff with a “CNN Half-time Election  Report.”

The four-minute video, shown at the quarterly staff meeting, was a highlight  reel of CNN debates, primary night  coverage, and interviews interspersed with laudatory reviews. CNN, the video  reminded its staff, had hosted more debates than any other network and landed  some of the most significant interviews in the election cycle. … Read More

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