Romney “I Will Fire Big Bird On Day One”

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Columbus, Ohio -Story By Michael Goins… As President Obama stated in the first televised debate between himself and challenger Mitt Romney, “Mitt, you’re going to be busy on your first day in office”.


Having watched the debate, as over 58 million people did, we now know one of the things a future President Romney will be doing on his first day in office. A future President Romney will fire Big Bird.. Mitt Romney made this claim as being one of the things he will do as a cost cutting measure.

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The candidate promised to cut funding for PBS and targeted Jim Lehrer within his radar.  For the first time in history, a presidential candidate announced on television that he was going to fire the moderator, and his co-horts. In this case the moderator, an employee of National Public Radio, is also the employer of famed child star “Big Bird”. The fate of the rest of the Muppet crew has yet to be determined. We don’t know whether this was one of the “Zingers” that was announced that candidate Romney had in store for the viewing audience, but his words set the twitter world on fire last night.  Where there winners and losers last night? Yes, it looks like the winner in this debate was Mitt Romney, and the biggest losers where President Obama and the whole Muppet family. One note to all you parents out there, Sesame Street executive VP Sherrie Westin told CNN last night that Big Bird will have a job in spite of Mr Romneys budget cuts. Whew! Thats good to know..

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