Donna Summer “Queen Of Disco” Succumbs To Cancer

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The pop music world was stunned Thursday by the death of Donna Summer, the  original “Disco Queen” who over four decades proved that she and her music were  stars, not fads.

She was 63 and reportedly had been suffering from lung cancer, although she  had continued performing until recently.


“Her records sound as good today as they ever did. That she has never been  inducted into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame is a total disgrace especially when  I see the second-rate talent that has been inducted,” he said. “She is a great  friend to me and to the Elton John AIDS Foundation and I will miss her greatly.”

Summer had a string of worldwide hits in the late 1970s, including “I Feel  Love,” “Hot Stuff,” “Bad Girls,” “On the Radio, “MacArthur Park,” “No More  Tears” and “Last Dance.. Read More

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