Study -Amongst Women Sex Gets Better With Age

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A majority of women reported sexual satisfaction increases with age — and arousal and orgasm are frequent, despite having low sexual desire. Women want to engage in sex for multiple reasons, including sustaining relationships even when the libido wanes late in life, the authors conclude in the report in January’s The American Journal of Medicine.”

A more positive approach to female sexual health focusing on sexual satisfaction maybe more beneficial to women than a focus limited to sexual activity or dysfunction,” author and physician Susan Trompeter says in a press release.

Also among the findings:•67% achieved orgasm most of the time or always. The youngest and oldest women in the study reported the highest frequency of orgasm satisfaction.•The highest frequency of arousal was reported by the youngest women, but at least 1 in 5 women 80 or older reported arousal and orgasm almost always or always… Read More

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