Women Dressing For Success Not Sexual Appeal

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You enter a situation wanting people to know you mean business. You speak like a leader. Do you look like one? Everyone has a personal and professional wardrobe. But certain pieces inherently contain more authority and you probably don’t even know it. Enter 2010 as the communal power-player. Capture attention, command respect, and nonverbally indicate you take care of business. What you should know and yes, pictures included.

“What a strange power there is in clothing” noted Nobel-Prize winning author Isaac Bashevis Singer.  Mind you, I’m not suggesting you purchase a sweeping new wardrobe.  Why not first shop in the one you already have?   Instead, I advocate you view clothing in 2010 as a catalyst to launch you into the power stratosphere.   Seeking increased respect, control, and visibility?  Then heed Mark Twain:  “Clothes make the man.”   .. ReadMore


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