It’s Miller Time! Braxton Miller Ends Two Careers With First Start

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Columbus, Ohio -Story By Michael Goins..

Freshman quarterback Braxton Miller got his first start as quarterback of the Ohio State Buckeyes this past weekend. In doing so, Miller officially ended the college careers of two other Buckeye quarterbacks. First the Terelle Pryor Era is over and Miller is indeed the future of the program. “Braxton is our quarterback”, said Coach Luke Fickell, after the game. No more ‘whatif’ scenarios about TP coming back for his senior year and the possibilities. With the successful start of Braxton Miller, Buckeye Nation can finally stop focusing on the shortcomings of the Terelle Pryor era and begin focusing on what lies ahead.

The other career Miller ended this weekend is the long college career of Joe Bauserman. Bauserman was never given a chance as Ohio State’s quarterback and you can blame Terelle’s Pryors success for that. Bauserman never got a chance to become a good quarterback because there were simply no opportunities for him to get game time experience. With Pryor leaving, Bauserman was thrust into a situation he was not prepared for and the calls for his exit were heard loud and heard often.

With Miller getting the start and the win, both Pryor and Bauserman are behind Ohio State and maybe those last ties to the Jim Tressel are starting to disappear also. The accolades are starting to pour in for the freshman quarterback and it seems that the fans like what they saw in the win over a much over-rated Colorado team.

 It seems as if the Ohio State braintrust also believe in the future of the program under Miller as they trotted their new star out to the media in the postgame. Pryor didn’t get hist first exposure to the media until his sophmore year. Millers media availability after the game is definitely a show of faith about the direction of the program. No player is closer to Miller on the playing field than Senior Center Mike Brewster and he said this about the freshman, “He used his natural instincts. That’s what I did as a freshman and he’s doing it now. He got a little banged up out there but tried to get as many yards as possible. He probably could have gotten out of bounds a little more to take a few of the hits away so he doesn’t get as banged up, but he’s a fighter.” Coach Fickell put it plainly, “We’re going to put him in the right situations to make him successful“.

Braxton Miller said this about his first start, “I slept pretty good last night and today, the players kept telling me to just “do what I do”. “Play fast and things get a lot easier”. Miller threw two touchdown passes and ran for eighty three in his first start as a buckeye quarterback. Although he struggled at times, the key for Miller this week was not to turn the ball over on fumbles, a problem that popped up in the Miami game. Miller was 5-13 in the air for 83 yards and statistically went over 100 yards rushing in his first outing as a Buckeye, but with three quarterback sacks, ended up with a net of 83 total yard rushing.


Miller will have to grow up in a hurry as the Big Ten season starts this weekend with the home opener against Michigan State. As for now, the future, whether good or bad, is here and Braxton Miller stands to be a big part of that future.

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