Nicki Minaj: Rapper And Role Model?

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From Tricia Grannum Exude Magazine: The heavily anticipated debut album, PinkFriday, released on Monday, November 22, to swarms of avid Barbz and KenBarbz in Times Square to catch even the smallest glimpse of the 25 year old, blond haired Barbie, known to her fans as Nicki Minaj.  The Queens-born rapper has been the talk of the year, with her vividly colorful lyrics, and her even more vibrant attire, multi-hued tresses, and animated facial expressions.  She’s been in the headlines for her lack of verbal homage to the Queen Bee, her rumored marriage to Young Money constituent Drake, and for her not-so-natural body enhancements.

But is there more to this Barbie than what meets the eye?  I have to admit, the first time I heard lyrics spewing out of those bubble gum pink lips, my nose wrinkled and mouth turned up with disgust, as I quickly reached for the radio dial to turned to another station, only to pick back up in those same bars that I just left.  I adamantly refused to acknowledge that Nicki Minaj, reeking of sex, was the new age woman.  For months I continued on my rampage, continuously stating that she was a mis-representation of a woman, and is setting unrealistic expectations for how young women should look and act.

That, I stand by but my view has changed ever so slightly, it may have started around the “Your Love” era, when I found myself singing along to the catchy chorus. Read More


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