Rihanna On The Cover Of GQ UK -Gives Interview To Kanye West

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Rihanna appeared on the cover of Interview magazine recently where she talks about life and style. The interveiw was conducted by Kanye West: 


RIHANNA: Hey. How are you?

WEST: I’m good. I’m just out here in this retarded-ass studio- Peter Gabriel’s studio.

RIHANNA: Where? In London?

WEST: Yeah. Like two hours out.

RIHANNA: That’s dope. You-all working on the new album?

WEST: Yeah. Well, it’s a me and Jay album. Right now, I’m sit­ting here going through some Lex Luger beats.

This whole album, Watch The Throne, is going to be very dark and sexy- like very couture hip-hop. Because since me and Jay have already had big records and over-the-top joints, we’re just going to make some real dirty, fucked-up, hardcore stuff. But it’s also luxe and definitely high-class. So let’s start with my favorite thing. Rihanna, what’s your take on fashion? How has it evolved since the start of your career?

RIHANNA: Well, I would say that in the beginning of my career, I didn’t have a lot of input in what I wore and stuff, but it was a very, innocent, girly look. Then after we put out Good Girl Gone Bad, it kind of became a darker, edgier look, and then it got even edgier on the last album [Rated R]. And now it’s just . . . I’m over the whole structured clothing, overly shoulder-padded shit. I like stuff that’s easy without trying too hard. I don’t like stuff that’s too contrived. 

WEST: So all the trends with the shoulder pads and that shit is over with for you?

RIHANNA: Yeah. I’m not into trends or trendy style anymore.

WEST: So what’s your next look? Where do you see yourself a year from now?

RIHANNA: In fashion?  Read More


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