Macy’s Music Festival Highlights -Ericka Badu, Envogue, Jaheim, Charlie Wilson, Teena Marie, Melanie Fiona

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Macy’s Music Festival Highlights with Mahonale Dungey.. Live from Paul Brown Stadium, Mahonale takes you through both nights at the 2010 version of the biggest festival of the year in Ohio.. Mahonale talks with Dave Chapelle and Erykah Badu as she takes you backstage to give you the best seat in the house.

Macy’s Music Festival Highlights -Mahonale Dungey

Macy’s Music Festival Highlights

Excerpts from the WAXXTV Macy’s Music Festival Review…I made the mistake I seem to make every year and assumed that Friday Night was the weaker night. When I saw the lineup for Friday that included Melanie Fiona as the opener, followed by Cameo, Jaheim, Teena Marie, and then Charlie Wilson, my initial thoughts was Saturday was going to be the big night, especially with the En Vogue reunion and Erykah Badu and Frankie Beverly as the closers. I had no idea that on Friday Night, Jaheim was going to be as strong a performer as he turned out to be and no-one, and I mean, no-one, could have predicted that Teena Marie would absolutely turn the festival on its head with her performance. Teena Marie’s performance was so strong that many in the audience were telling me that they’ve seen “Charlie Wilson” and his show can not come close. Wilson, however, proved us all wrong. I don’t know if he heard Marie’s set from his dressing room or if he came out to watch, but something inside him must have said, “OMG, I’ve got to bring it tonight, because Teena just “turned this mutha out”" using Wilson’s own words in an interview that he did with WAXXTV after last years show. Charlie brought it and then some. But this was Teena Marie’s Night. She was the shining star at the 2010 Macy’s Music Festival. Her performance will be the one people will talk about when this years festival is talked about. To read the complete article click here


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