“The Event” Picks Up Where “24″ Left Off? -NBC Likes What It Sees

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Story By Michael Goins -Have you seen “The Event” on NBC on Monday Night? If you haven’t you are one of the few. Since the end of the Jack Bauer “24″ era on Fox, conspiracy theorists have been looking for a replacement. I mean, there is no more “Star Trek” and “Stargate SG-1″ is missing in action.

“The Event” may have filled that outlet if the Neilson ratings are correct. NBC bills “The Event” as an emotional, high-octane drama. From Wikepedia: The show centers on three plots: Sean Walker, a computer programmer, whose girlfriend is kidnapped; President Elias Martinez, who must deal with detainees at Mount Inostranka; and the detainees themselves and their non-terrestrial origin.

No the United States is not under constant threat of attack from terrorist, but the nation is under threat of attack from something. From what, we don’t know yet, as the drama behind that bit of information is still top secret and is being dished out by the writers bit by bit.  Each week leaves you on the cliff waiting for more. Like “24″, it is the fastest 60 minutes on television. Hey NBC, want to break ground and strike while it’s hot? Defy the odds and make “The Event” a 120 minute a week show. It will dominate the ratings and make a lot of people very happy..

So who is the new Jack Bauer, his name is Jason Ritter of “Joan Of Arcadia” Fame. Does the name sound familiar? if it does it is because he is the son of the late John Ritter of “Three’s Company” fame and the grandson of musician Tex Ritter. Jason Ritter possesses the same “Uninteresting”, “Boring”, and “stiff as a board” persona as Kiefer Sutherland, which is why the show works. The show even comes with its own “Black President”. In this case the president is Blair Underwood, which is as close to Dennis Haysbert character of President David Palmer as you can get. They even have the same barber, who seems to only know the one haircut. How do you round out the cast of “The Event” to make it as similar to “24″ as you can make it? You surround the president with as many untrusting characters as you possibly can. NBC has just announced that they will be picking up “The Event” for the remainder of the season.

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