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Caution: Explicit Lyrics

Wiz Khalifa did something that only one other rapper has done all year. He along with Snoop Dogg  filled Newport Music Hall on The Ohio State Campus. Not bad for an artist that has only been on the scene for a couple of years.

 The Pittsburgh rapper by way of all places North Dakota, is making his way to the top of the hip hop charts.

Fulling engaged in the new media he is the first rapper that has come to the city that talked about his twitter page and encouraged the fans to follow him on the megasite.

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Photo Gallery -Jeezy Live At BOMA

 Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still hear many of my friends tell me, there is know way they are going to party inside what used to be a church. I am sure the owners at BOMA have heard it also. I think this feeling is starting to go away amongst many, and concerts like last night prove the point.

 The only drawback to the show, was, I think BOMA underestimated itself. The management of BOMA should have put up stage lights to give the show more of a concert feel. The stage was too dark and many people last night mentioned that to me. You will clearly see how dark the stage was in our highlight video. Here’s Kathy Leeds, who was at the show last night: ” I assume it was Jeezy on stage, it was so dark I couldn’t see him”.

 BOMA did something no other club in the city has done since the “Club Ice” days. Put over 2500 inside a nightclub environment and for the most part, keep things under control. More security, of course, you can never have too much. The line outside BOMA stretched from the front door eastbound on broad street towards the Interstate I-70 freeway. Jeezy delivered on the promise as the crowd was his for the taking. Dressed in the traditional all black, Lil J, as some call him, rocked BOMA. The amazing thing about this show was that it was not held on campus. Jeezy, the promoters, and BOMA showed last night that you can sell a hip hop show off the beaten path of OSU and still sellout. Check out the highlights of Jeezy and Wiz Khalifa right here on WAXXTV.

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