State Of Ohio Employees Spied On Toledo “Idol” Star Crystal Bowersox

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Five Different Police agencies checked to see if she had any kind of criminal record. Bureau Of Motor Vehicles employees checked on cars that may have been registered in her name, and other privacy invasions that may not yet be made public were performed on Crystal Bowersox. Stardom does come with a price these days and invasion of privacy appears to be one of the casualties. Here is the story from the Toledo Blade: American Idol runner-up Crystal Bowersox gained national acclaim belting out her style of folksy blues on the popular TV show.

But some of the attention the Toledo-area singer received was unflattering, as police and others improperly checked to see if she had a criminal record or blemishes on her driving record.

From computers with access to personal information in confidential state databases, employees of five police agencies and a municipal court rummaged through Bowersox’s background.

And in Columbus, an Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles clerk examined vehicles registered in the performer’s name, and the home computer of an assistant city prosecutor was used to check on the newly minted star.

An Ohio Department of Public Safety official apologized in a July 1 letter to Bowersox for the unauthorized breaches of her privacy and wrote that there was no evidence she had become an identity-theft victim.

The Bowersox checks are reminiscent of a case two years ago, when state computers were improperly tapped for personal information on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, the Springfield Township man also known as “Joe the Plumber.”

“I had no idea it happened,” Bowersox told The Blade Wednesday night from her home in Los Angeles. “I’m disgusted by it.”

She said police delivered a certified letter to her father, Bill Bowersox, at work.

Her father didn’t tell his daughter about the letter until her visit, a few days after the American Idol Live! tour ended Aug. 31. Read More

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